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FMU Magazine Issue
¬ News & Announcements 4 April, 2014
April Magazine

Lucky Pet Magazine
¬ News & Announcements 5 March, 2014

FortressMU Administrator Whinous have been added an extraordinary event which allow you to bet your pet and win Cash Points. To join, you need to provide your bet, fenrirs. Any color which represents of how many entries you can draw per pet.
Red Pet= 1 entry; Blue Pet= 2 entries; Black Pet=3 Entries; Gold Pet=4 entries.
Each of every pet placed as bets, Pot prize will be total no. of pets registered multiply by 10 Cash Points. Meaning, if total of 30 pets have been placed that means the Pot Prize will be 300 Cash Points.
Placing your bet must be registered and trade to assigned Game Masters, they are; Megrez and JHSpace. Also our FMU Agent Zeres will also extend his hand and help you to place your bet.
1st Draw:  March 15, 2014
(Deadline of Entry: March 14)
2nd Draw: March 30, 2014
(Deadline of Entry: March 29)
To register and know more about mechanics, Click Here
FortressMU March Magazine
¬ News & Announcements 1 March, 2014
March Magazine

FortressMU Administration made a numerous updates to make our server better. With these spectacular updates added, we assure that everyone will have a balanced PVP to PVM System, and allow more opportunities for everybody.

Here are the updates that FMU Administration worked on.

To make you feel better about our PVP System. We made a move to decreasing or increasing the damage of skills.

Skills Increased
- Fire Slash
- Gigantic Storm
- Spiral Slash
- Mana Ray
- Nova
- Lightning
- Aqua Beam
- Ice Storm
- Comet
- Evil Spirit
- Fireburst
- Electric Spike
- Fire Scream
- Blood Attack
- Earth Shake
- Penetration
- Ice Arrow
- Multishot
- Dragon Roar
- Chain Drive
- Dragon Slasher
- Killing Blow
- Uppercut

Skills Decreased
- Ice
- Chaotic Diseier
- Ignore Defense
- Chain Lightning
- Wind Tome

It's much better opportunity waiting for farmers/hunters. On top of it, some boss mobs in a particular map have been improved and drops useful items.

Atlans Boss Hydra, Tarkan Boss Death Beam Knight and Zaikan, Icarus Boss Pheonix and Aida Boss Hellmaine, uber attack and defense have been increased. It drops Silver Box and Golden Box depends on Drop Rate.

Hydra, Death Beam Knight, and Pheonix Drop Rate; Silver Box = .125%; Golden Box = 0.075%
Zaikan Drop Rate; Silver Box = .15%; Golden Box = 0.10%
Hellmaine Drop Rate; Silver Box = .3%; Golden Box = .25%, spawn time is 90 minutes.

We improved also the Aida Map, spawn mobs doubled and 10 Hellmaine added.

VIP Server will have additional of .05% in all Drop Rates.

Measuring the above updates was not enough to get better, so we also made the necessary changes and additions to MU Guard Library, Castle Siege, and Mastery Skills.

- Castle Siege states not syncing to normal servers FIXED.
- Damage Increased on CS Skills; Lance, Crescent Moon Slash, Charge, StarFall and Fire Blast
- VIP/Gens warp restriction is now enforced before moving the character in the target map.
- ML skill 322 and 324 is crashing client when adding points FIXED.
- ML Max Attack power increase not accumulating points FIXED.
- ML Max Attack wizardry increase not accumulating points FIXED.
- ML thirdwing not adding defense FIXED.
- ML thirdwing not adding damage FIXED.
- Corrected some ML base values.
- ML add stats skills not showing the added values in client fixed. (need relog)
- MU Guard Library updated software bypass and 32 cheat libraries added.

For CS wagers, we've also added some spices for the winning Guild.
A place where only the Castle owner can enter. A Safe Zone wherein the castle owner can discuss their strategies and/or flirting each other privately.

And, we also added another spices, flags specifically stood through entire map of Devias.

Castle Lord's Guild Flag

Safe Zone

We've done necessary changes to our server status. Decided to merge all PVP lovers in just ONE particular server, SERVER 3. Server 1 and 2 will be a non-pvp server.

Together with that, We made some changes especially in damage/defense on some items, and cooldown of some skills.

Here's the list that we worked on.
- Cooldown of Fenrir Skill Plasma Storm Removed
- Cooldown of Summoner Books Skill Removed
- Hellfire Skill cooldown adjusted to 1 second
- Ice Cooldown adjusted to 1 Second
- Summoner Sleep Cooldown adjusted to 10 Seconds
- Summoner Defense Increased
- Evil Spirit adjusted to .5 second cooldown to avoid agi bug.
- Improved Weapons
* Sword Dancer
* Knight Blade
* Arrow Viper Bow
* Staff of Kundun
* Chromatic Staff
* Deadly Staff
* Imperial Staff

We've added new section which serves as buy and sell of your credit points.
Click here for Market Mall Section

To find out more, visit our Official Forum Community at www.muonline.biz/fortress

- Head Game Master
responsible for organizing the Game Master Team that provide services such as Events, Big Trade Assistance and others. In-charge of answering scam/hack/offense reports. As of today, we have responsible for that and he is; BUTSUMA.

- Full Game Master
acts as an organizer, officiant for questions regarding server rules, ingame problems and guidance. They also provides any kind of event and in-charge for pvp/big trade assistance.

- Forum Director
leads, manages, and supervise our forum community. Responsible to fix forum errors, answer problems related to the forum. Responsible for removing/adding new moderators. Our Current Forum Director is DarkGod

- Lead Moderator
leads and manage the Moderation Team. Responsible to keep the forum alive, who remove/add new moderators. StarbursT is our only Lead Moderator.

- Moderator
moderates the forum. Officiant for questions regarding forum rules, problems and guidance. They also provide events same as Game Master, but the different is their events happens inside the forum.

- Head GFX
leads, manages and provides his team to work and do fascinating designs like signature, avatar, userbar or banners. Responsible for server banners requests or any other important that Who remove/add new GFX and shes Flannery.

provides fascinating designs and keeping our forum colorful and beautiful. In-charge of accepting the requests of forum users to obtain such as signatures, avatar, userbar and etc with styles.

- Writers
provides the magazine focused to give a reliable information that contains server updates, forum updates, staff profile, latest staff updates, Player's profile, Quotes, Comics/Cartoons, Advertisements and etc. We eventually read this magazine in our FortressMU Website.

We've made so many updates and changes. Therefore, we might expecting some minor problems that needs legit answers from professional techs. With the presented guide below, it will teach you how fix some minor issues regarding in particular OS that makes you invulnerable to enter our server.

If your game client doesn't run please try the following solution:

For Windows XP Systems
1. Right click Main.exe
2. Click Run as Administrator
3. If windows confirmation box pops up please click YES

For Windows 7 Systems
1. Right click Main.exe
2. Click Properties
3. Click Compatibility Tab
4. Check the box "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
5. Choose "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

For Windows 8 Systems
1. Update your Operating System to Windows 8.1

Close other applications running from your system tray.

Get to know more about our players that truly made a history which would never be forgotten. In our previous special Castle Siege Event, an event that having the biggest prize in history, a 500 Cash Points! And achieved by NewAlbox Alliance.

Forum Name: TheAlbox
Char Name: xoonyDL
Guild: NewAlbox
What can you say about the achievement you've earned?
Well I'm happy to see that admins made this kind of event to motivate the players and I hope that they will continue doing it because in the CS of 02/15/2014 I saw many people playing that CS and making it interesting. I'm also happy to see my alliance very united, this support and fight together until the last minute is our strategy to reach this kind of victory

Why they must inspire you?
My inspiration is to see my alliance grow, because they trust in what I can do and that's my inspiration to keep going, without this guys that I've created friendships would not make sense to continue playing.

What's the secret behind the Guild's successes?
Is the confidence that we have each other not only in the guild is in all of the alliance and of course fight until the end, and the best thing to do is show all of your skills until the last second

Your advice to players:
Well I'm a normal player like all player here, all that I can say is to continue together like a family and just have some fun !

Forum Name: Blaster
Char Name: lRayleigh
Guild: WARFAR3
What can you say about the achievement you've earned?:
- Well first of all I'm grateful with my friends,members & GF because without them I can't do this , We have an amazing teamwork ; We reached many things together and im very happy about it !

Why they must inspire you?
- They consider me as their leader , always helping me in good & bad times ... I Can't ask for more , they're like my second family and i will not fail them.

What's the secret behind the Guild's successes?
- As i said , we are more than friends we are a family , we have an amazing teamwork and awesome friendship inside the guild & alliance that's enough to reach this kind of victory

Your advice to players:
- Make some friendships instead of arguing/fighting/hating etc Also have a good behaviour please .. This is an awesome community guys ! Don't ruin this game because of some things

Char Name: DrEaDiAn
Guild: iRAD|US
What can you say about the achievement you've earned?:
Well first of all, I would like to say Thank you to all my Guild members and Friends Because without them I would be nothing.. I have earned a lot not just ingame but also in real life, I learned how to be a good LEADER, how to adjust on many kind of attitudes on every player has, and most of all I have earned FRIENDS..

Why they must inspire you?
Because I am a hard headed guy who's not giving up on a failure..

What's the Secret behind the Guild's success?:
I can say Teamwork is the key to success of a Guild.. But before that you must learn how to control your members, you must have patience and understand them, respect them more than how they respect you, and most of all don't treat them as your members, Treat them as your friends...

Your advice to players:
Be humble, obey server rules and regulations, be friendly, and be strong...

Forum Name: karloz
Char Name: SySt3mDowN
Guild: B4DN4M3
What can you say about the achievement you've earned?:
Latino power us r together, we rnt just an alliance

Why they must inspire you?:
i cant understand this question

What's the secret behind the Guild's successes?:
if I tell u, would not more a secret

Your advice to players:
the other ally think that defeating to xoonyDL (NewAlbox) would be the key to defeat us
but is another player to who must defeat

If you remember our yearly male and female beauty contest, the FMU Hunk and FMU Desirable. A person should not only acquire prettiness nor intelligence, but BOTH. Behind their successes, lets take a look to their profile.

As we have now, our FMU Hunk ~> WerdnA
Forum Name:W e r d n A
Char Name: oWERDo, werd, MGwerd, VVizVVerd, RwerdF, oMARINEo, CutieJean, Nyek
reasons behind your success: i always joined GM's and moderator's events to won many prizes and 1 of that event is FMU hunk which is Tier2 set as a prize.
Some items that i used for marketing are given by guild mates,friends, etc.
more info: I became GM and Moderator, Im still noob player
If you have some question or concern you can contact me via:

Forum Name: Lena
Char Names: lLadyl & ChibiMoon
Contact: pm via forum :P
Reason behind your successes:
What does it feel when you won as FMU Desirable: it felt normal. wasnt a big thing its just an internet stuff and nothing that helps me in real life
Additional Comments:

English Events

Date: March 1-31, 2014

Hosted By: Lead Mod StarbursT

Date: March 3-8, 2014
Hosted By: Mod Motchimoto

Date: March 6-11, 2014
Hosted By: Mod KreeD

Date: March 11-16, 2014
Hosted By: Mod Motchimoto

Date:March 16-22, 2014
Hosted By: Mod RuaConDJ

Spanish Events

Date: March 11-18, 2014
Hosted By: Mod iTzChacal

Date: March 16-25, 2014
Hosted By: Mod ILov3Pk

Pinoy Events

Date: March 22-26, 2014
Hosted By: Mod Motchimoto

Date: March 25-31, 2014
Hosted By: Mod Corruptor

To know more about our ingame and forum events, visit us www.muonline.biz/fortress
At FortressMU Events Section. Click here


That's all for now, have fun gaming!


prepared by: Zerodox