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Castle Owner
Castle Siege Battle Starts In
4d 4h 46m 54s
Resets Hall of Fame
1. sampaguita (20,000)
2. xGodSpeLLx (13,692)
3. LindaChang (9,941)
4. BKheavens (9,413)
5. MarcSam (9,052)
Guild Rankings
1. DeadZonE - 319
2. Justice - 310
3. LYCANS - 265
4. RAIDERS - 112
5. VGL4nT3Z - 103
Member Area
Castle Siege
Guild Owner: PMUADMIN
Guild Master: ADMIN
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MU Online Server

Your journey into MU starts here!
Pride Rulers Grand CS

Grand Prize: 300 Cash Points
Full Vault of SOLS and Pride Ruler Tag!

Date: April 8, 2017; 2nd Week of April 2017

- No Mercenary/Dummy Guild
- No 3pp. If caught the whole Alliance will be disqualified.

Good Day Pride MU Citizens,

Its the time of the year to showcase our top tier Alliances in game.

The Battle of the Best of the Best.

Our Top Strategists and Warriors and may i add There is Strength in Numbers but Quality beats Quantity. It had been months since the last time we hosted this.

Now without further ado We are bringing back the Pride Ruler's Grand Castle Siege.

This will be a bloody fight. Are you Ready?

All The Best,
Pride MU Management Team

¬ News & Announcements 3 February, 2017