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Castle Owner
Castle Siege Battle Starts In
3d 11h 16m 57s
Zhyper Rankings
1. sampaguita (20,000)
2. xGodSpeLLx (13,692)
3. Casopheia (12,936)
4. LindaChang (9,942)
5. BKheavens (9,413)
Valhalla Rankings
1. Shylock (2 GR, 440 ML)
2. iLoveLie (2 GR, 440 ML)
3. ALLDAYHUNT (2 GR, 440 ML)
4. SouLhigh (2 GR, 440 ML)
5. xBarako0x (2 GR, 440 ML)
Castle Owner
Castle Siege Battle Starts In
4d 11h 16m 57s
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MuOnline Server

Your journey into MU starts here!
October News and Updates
¬ News & Announcements 25 October, 2017

Robosoft Blocked from Mu-Guard

We are blocking 1 macro which is called Robo Soft because it is causing exploit in game PVP and software is capable of embedding key logger & malicious codes.

You can still use any other Macro but not Robo Soft.

Using of this macro is now illegal and considered 3pp usage.

Updates on cheat library will follow.


Zhyper & Valhalla Uber Drop Promo


As BER month promo we are adding special drops on our loot table!

T3 Items with maximum 2 excellent options will start to drop in BC + DS & Land of Trials

BC Drop 1/2500
DS Drop 1/2000

Land of Trials: 1/5000

This is limited time drop only until further notice and maximum excellent option it can have is 2 random options.



Fixed T2 Lucky Tickets not dropping from mini boss

Added T2 Lucky Tickets drop in BC + DS Again with lowered drop rate.

BC Drop : 1/3000
DS Drop: 1/2500

Special CS Winner RENEGADE with Twist


Last Saturday CS was almost fun until 1 rogue member of LEAGUE had enough of him dying all the time playing MU for 10 years but never gets good so he decided to take out his magic spell of speed hack.

Video proof has been provided and 2 days time was given for appeal but there accused never showed up and the alliance leader also did not dispute the report there for our rules as always the last sealer will take home the bacon and that is RENEGADE

Renegade will receive the win of 5x Killer S7 Shield as rules applied.


As this is a special cs event that 1 man ruined the entire fun i am proposing a rematch for the 3 alliance to continue the fun a rematch for 3 alliance

Renegade Alliance
HideOut Alliance
Alliance Alliance

The Server will provide the SOL so dont worry about it just wana continue this war it will be just like Free CS for next week but exclusive for 3 alliance only.

I need the vote of the 3 Alliance Leaders

If all of you votes for this then we will have a good match exclusive no poopers!

Zhyper & Valhalla Update


We have made updates on server: 

* Season 7 Shields Not Working Excellent Options Fixed
* Disconnect Issues & Account Stuck Fixed
* Server General Optimization


Valhalla 3 Options Max Excellent Option Force Patch has been Deployed.

* All 4 options and above has been re rolled to 3 excellent random options.


Update on Drop and Others


Here are upcoming update later today 4am GMT+8

* Add Slot Token will now start to drop in Blood Castle 8 & Devil Square 7

- 1/1000

* Talisman of Chaos Assembly will now start to drop in Blood Castle 8 & Devil Square 7

- 1/1200


Killer S4 Shields has been made available for everyone for Cash Points Purchase on Website.

Login on website & Click Instant Donate Items.

This will be limited sale for 1 week and priced for 150 Cash Points

Survival of the Fittest


Survival of the Fittest has been enabled to Valhalla Server

This is Chaos Castle Based Event that will run for 1 week and the top contender for the week will be rewarded with Conqueror Wings with Limited Time only. Conqueror Wings will expire after 14 Days.

This is the proper game mechanics for Conqueror Wing as Default.

This Event will only run @ Server 4

Talk to " Mait " NPC the Schedule and Time will be shown.



Valhalla Server Only


Halloween Events


LINK to the Event: http://www.muonline.biz/zhyper/showthread.php?542746-Halloween-Event-Ghost-Busters



LINK to the Event: http://www.muonline.biz/zhyper/showthread.php?542221-HALLOWEEN-Catch-The-Invaders-Event



Scariest Fansig


Hello there my fellow Zhyperians , I'm Glad to announce that we will be having a special Holiday Event

How Does it Work ?


You need to be creative and have the scariest look , costume "not necessary" , and holding a piece of paper or anything sheet of paper containing with a text of

"Happy Halloween Zhyperians !"

Take a picture of YOURSELF , minimum of 1 person maximum of 3 person in the picture
The text must be hand written.
You can use any image Uploader Like tinypic , photobucket , or imgr and upload your entry here in this thread.
You can use backgrounds which will make your image the scariest "editing stuffs"


Everyone are allowed to join even Staff team(except seniors ;p)
No post count required
You are allowed to use editing software like Photoshop to add some effects on your photo.
You must holding piece of any paper with the text "Happy Halloween Zhyperians!"
Remember you are allowed to have 1 entry only "Multiple Entries may result to Disqualification"
Anyone caught fooling around this event will have a proper sanction

Winner will be chosen thru public voting



1st place: 3,000 Credit pts plus 1 month Forum Hero Tag
2nd: 2,000 Credit pts plus 3 months Hardcore Tag
3rd: 1,500 Credit pts plus 2 months Hardcore Tag
Consolation prize to all valid entries: 500 Credit points


November 3, 2017

Only entries and questions will be posted here.


LINK to the event: http://www.muonline.biz/zhyper/showthread.php?542648-Halloween-Event-Scariest-Fansign