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Castle Owner
Castle Siege Battle Starts In
0d 1h 58m 27s
Resets Hall of Fame
1. sampaguita (20,000)
2. xGodSpeLLx (13,691)
3. LindaChang (9,940)
4. BKheavens (9,413)
5. MarcSam (9,052)
Guild Rankings
1. HellGate - 20
2. FANTASY - 10
3. STRBOYS - 10
5. QUACKY - 4
Member Area
Castle Siege
Guild Owner: UNLIKEUS
Guild Master: UnlikeDL
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MU Online Server

Your journey into MU starts here!
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Important In Game Commands



/autolock ON

This will automatically lock your account whenever you logout or exit in game.



This will quest up your character from 1st class to 3rd clsss.


/checkchar "Character Name"

This will verify if the player is character is Game Master or Normal User.



This will enable you to sell items in your personal store even when you are offline.


To Add Stats in Game







To Reset Character or Clear PK




¬ News & Announcements 16 July, 2016
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We would like to introduce you the Offtrade System!

This is great news specially to market nerd players :p

You can now go offline or exit game with your character being still in game with your Personal Store Open!

How to do this?

You open your personal store and type command /offtrade
* You will need 1 rena per day.

When your Offtrade character is active the personal store is active aswell & it can sell any item you put on store.

This is also very useful in VIP Server for those who want to sell items via cash points this feature works on Loren Market Cash Points Monetary System and another good news there is no more TAX!

Here is how to sell items via cash points if you forgot you need to /authcredits "10 digit code"

[GUIDE]Personal Store via Cash Points

This feature is only available in Server 1 and VIP

Thank You!

¬ News & Announcements 15 July, 2016
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Trade History Log is now available to Users!

This system logs your trade real time with exact date and time of trade and what items has been traded in or out.

Please login on our website and go to:

Account Management

[View Character's Trade History]

After clicking the link select the character on list you want to view the Trade History


¬ News & Announcements 14 July, 2016
In Game Code


Introducing Game Pin Lock Code


This new layer of account security will prevent key loggers to hack your account, you will need to input 4 digit Pin Code using mouse to avoid keylogger before you can proceed in game.


How to Set Pin Code:

1. Login in game choose 4 digit Pin Code you Like and Verify It.

2. Everytime you log in game the system will ask you to provide your 4 Digit Pin Code before you can enter game.


For more information and guide please join our FORUMS



¬ News & Announcements 13 July, 2016
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Welcome to PrideMU


We have merged FortressMU & GrudgeMU in 1 Server!


You need to transfer your account to PrideMU in order to play your account.


If you are from FortressMU Player - Click Here to Fortress Transfer


If you are from GrudgeMU Player - Click Here for Grudge Transfer


Please Make sure you are using FireFox Browser.



¬ News & Announcements 28 April, 2016